Liberation Day 2020

75 years ago today the Dutch citizens danced in the streets to welcome the Allied Forces, their liberators after more than four years under Nazi rule.

Cedar loaded and ready for adventure

Each year flags are hung to remember that day and to celebrate freedom. This year the national day off was, well less than normal.

The flags in the neighborhood

We took the opportunity to head out on our first canoe ride of the year. We both needed to be on the water, to flex our canoe muscles, to free ourselves of the four walls of the house. I am usually on the water for weeks by May. Either in Minnesota or here but the last two years have presented some challenges. This year I am guessing most of my readers can relate to the cabin fever syndrome.

He travelled to Hillegom, NL to a place we have paddled before in the Spring. The canals lead through the tulip fields and usually are filled with color and scents of blooms.

The Bulb Canoe Route starting in Hillegom, NL

This was the first time we have had to place Cedar on our new (to us) VW Caddy. We were worried about how we would lift her to the much higher roof of this van. In fact we talked about it most of the winter, tried to watch videos of people who lift canoes onto higher profiles vehicles (no luck on that!), and finally came up with a system that seemed to work for us.

We love the fact that the VW Caddy has so much more room for our gear.

A step I have to use to reach the tie straps.
The start point in Hillegom
Heading into the canals
The only tulip field in bloom
A stop for coffee

Cedar waiting
The end of the day celebration

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