The Netherlands- Memorial Day

I admire how the Dutch honor this day. As a veteran who has seen the worse of the world I know that the Dutch realize it isn’t a day of celebration it is a day of remembrance of all the costs of war. Not only for soldiers who fight these conflicts for their governments but for the souls of millions of civilians who suffer and pay the cost of conflict.

I stood for awhile to remember those two crew members who never made it home.

This morning the Hubby and I made our early morning drive to a local US Air Force crash site to lay flowers in remembrance of the sacrifices they made to freedom. Not only for themselves but to the all European Nations that waged war against the Nazi’s of World War Two.

The Greatest Generation remembered.

Millions of lives were struck down before they could really experience life. Young children taken to prisoners camps and killed, pilots and gunners of allied flight crews that flew countless missions (over 6000 flights crashed over Dutch soil). The many families that were separated and never seen or heard from again to those who returned to the home soil changed forever.

For years I have placed flowers at this site. Riding my bike each Memorial Day to remember.

Today, the Dutch will pause for 2 minutes of silence nation wide. To remember all that was lost, gained, and to never forget!

This time the Hubby joined me as he isn’t working due to the current international crisis. His first visit to the site.

We didn’t forget the crew of the bomber Jayhawk. Please visit the site dedicated to their Air squadron. Then remember we are here due to all the sacrifices of those who came before us. Honor them today and always.

The floral arrangement made by my local florist who incorporated flowers that symbolized the scarifices of the Dutch and Americans. This part of The Netherlands was liberated by the Canadian forces in 1945 but it took countless missions by the RAF and USAF air crews to soften the Nazi forces before Liberation Day. 5 May 1945.
The Jayhawk Memorial in Sassenheim, The Netherlands.

Stay safe, stay humble, and stay healthy. Love always!

Tulips on the Memorial grounds this morning.

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