A Dutch Garden

Not the most original title for this blog. I guess I am getting lazy with my blog creativity. I promise I will do better.

A couple of weeks ago I got the virus cabin fever. I just needed to be anywhere but locked in the house or in our garden! Thank goodness and the Dutch government for not completely locking us down. I got on my bike a rode like a crazy lady trying to escape the cops out of town and into the countryside. So happy to work off some of the anxiety of being locked away without the freedom to do what I want when I want to do whatever whim hits me. Immediately as I got into the countryside I felt better. The wind in my face, the flower fields full of blooms next to the bike path and air I could breathe without the fear that someone else might have polluted it with a virus exhale. No worries about the grumpy old man that lives next door, the neighbors kids that play soccer against the fence making so much noise that it pushes my PTSD to the limits and scares the heck out of my hens. Just me, the bike, the fresh air, and the scenery of the Dutch countryside.

Heading out of town through the park.

I rode along a road I know well in Lisserbroek. Lined with large farm houses and old nursery/greenhouses owners that keep the yards as well groomed as the flowers in those buildings. It is one of my favorite rides close to home.

One of my favorite houses along my bike route

As I came to one of my favorite houses along the route the owner was out working on his large beautiful garden. I stopped and asked if I could take some pictures of his yard. He said sure and invited me to cross the canal that separated us and to walk into his yard to “get closer and better pictures”. I was gob smacked!

The pansy planter at the front gate

“Really?” I asked thinking how kind in this time when everyone I had met recently was full of anti-social behavior due to the invisible threat.

Trees in bloom, flowers blooming this place was a palace.

“Sure, walk up around the house too, there is plenty blooming there for you to photograph.” He answered.

So I started taking pictures.

These red flowers popped in color
Tulips in this garden shining with their heads towards the sun.
These yellows are bright.
A collection of tulips in bloom near a garage

The beauty of kindness is that it knows no boundaries. Knows no threats. It fulfills the emptiness of others. On that day this kindness was what I needed and the universe showed me where to find it! Thank you universe, thank you garden owner with a beautiful and a kind heart.

The front garden of this yard.

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