A Celebration Day – Kings Day 2020

Another week has gone past and it seems that time is either flying or standing so still that we can hear the plants grow.

I now have two chickens laying eggs (Most everyone missed out on the first egg event). Weaver was the first to lay an egg and then it was Kipass. Now, the two white hens are acting like they will start to lay any day.  Today will be the first day I can actually eat one of the eggs, because the were all on medication earlier in the month.

Not everything in the world stops because of my chickens are laying golden eggs.

Yup, the Dutch Hubby has figured that we need to produce 10,000 eggs to break even in this chicken investment. We have now determined it is a hobby. A hobby is something you sink tons of money into without ever expecting a return on the investment.

Yesterday was Kings Day here!!!

Usually, it is the one day each year that the entire country turns out in anything orange in support of the royal birthday of the King of The Netherlands. This year it was not the usual party time seen across the Dutch countryside.

Yes, most people placed the National colors outside their houses.

Yes, some people wore orange if they went out of the house.

Yes, some people ignored the rules of no public gatherings.

Although, most families stayed home and then toasted the King with an adult beverage at 4pm.

A bit sad. But, very necessary.

As an American living here, I have found most people very kind and understanding to what is happening to my mother country.

But, many also want to vent to me about the dumb crap our President says, or tweets. I have decided that people just need to vent, so I let them. I also make it very clear that I did not vote for him!

I hope a pray for the sake of my children who serve in the US military that he is not re-elected in the fall.

Next week the Dutch will mark the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of The Netherlands in 1945.

Those many important lessons seem to have died with the souls who fought on all sides of those battles.

But, if each of you can take a moment on 4 & 5 May to think of those sacrifices our ancestors made during that difficult era and apply those lessons to today’s current crisis I feel we will have hope of making it a better world.

Freedom is never free!

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