From our Garden to your House – Spring 2020

I can hardly believe that this week flew by. I didn’t get another post written.  I have been so busy here. Nope, I haven’t caught up with all the NETFLIX shows or been reading all those books that are stacked next to my bed that I had collected the last time I was in the states. I have been busy in the garden, watching the chickens to make sure the two escape artists (Esmerelda and Chicken Little) stay in the confined area until the Hubby gets to the “Honey, Can you do this?” list.

Those ladies seem to be very sneaky. Always pretending to ignore me, even when I am right next to the fence. Then when I turn my back for a second, they conspire to fly to the top of the coop or the fence!  This really tests my kindness as a mother.  But, once Mr. Broom (the enforcer) comes out they know that Mr. Broom means business and is my loyal employee of mine.


The ladies… they look so innocent…hummm. Where is Mr. Broom?

Really, I don’t know if these Sussex chickens (English breed) that were born and raised here understand English or if they speak Dutch.   I have gone with my native language, English to tell them to behave.  Allthough, when the Hubby speaks Dutch to them to display dissatisfaction with their behavior, they don’t seem any more responsive.  Maybe we need to learn chicken talk?

So, I need to stay in the garden and keep a close eye on them.

As my blog friend at Butterflies To Dragsters commented to me, “Be careful not to let those chickens roam in your garden, they will rip it to pieces.”

“Thanks, B! I grew up on a Minnesota farm and knew that piece of wisdom already. Thus, the need for Mr Broom!”

Now, I will share what I have to work with in my now full garden.

The violets in the bag and Tulips

The violets are my favorite flower and this was a self made hanging bag. I recycled the bag from one I had from past years and purchased the violets cheaper than if I had purchased the sack from a greenhouse. Total cost was 5 Euro compared to 12-20 Euro for someone else to do the work.

Tulips and Daffodils

Here is the front garden and what is now blooming. The tulips I get each fall from a local tulip grower who gives us his unsold tulip bulbs and last year I also got these wonderful daffodils.

flower seedlings

Flower seedlings that I started.

Flowers in the garden

Flowers are always cheap here. The benefit of living in a country that grows 90% of the world flowers. Even cheaper now as billions of dollars worth of products are not being sold worldwide due to the current crisis. These are setting in the back garden to bring butteries and bees into the garden to pollinate my veggies and fruits once they start blooming. Early placement of flowers encourages the good pollinators to return to get their daily “FIX” and helps us get wonderful veggies and fruits.

Effects of Climate Change

The effects of climate charge (if you believe, which we do!), is that some of the plants like this clematis is blooming a whole month earlier than normal. This is next to our door entrance at the front of the house.

That is all from my desk this morning as the Hubby is still sawing large logs in the next room.  Soon the Hubby will wake and another day will really start.  Adjustment of schedules has been interesting and sometimes challenging making strange things appear and disappear in the house and in my (sorry, “our”) office.

Computer talk

Now his computer screen is even having issues… I think, maybe it is time for a therapist? Nah… talking computer screens are perfectly normal here in The Netherlands and people don’t get put in small padded rooms for it either!

Have fun everyone and stay safe and healthy! Drop us a line in the comments to private email we would love to hear from you!

BTW- those vultures out there who think I need to sell your products on our blog site please don’t waste your time or mine. Our site is ad free for a reason! Thanks!

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