Flowers from Holland!

I took the feature photo this morning Sunday 5 April 2020. Today I have finally decided to rest.  Yup – three weeks of running like crazy and working my butt off I am doing simple things today.  Those tasks that don’t require looking for food, going out and being worried that some virus I can’t see that maybe will jump onto me and bring me down in a blaze of glory or not…maybe it hops a ride on me into our house and infects my Hubby.  That would be sad.

Just too heavy to think about so I am taking a break!

My back garden yesterday

Flowers?  Yup- the one thing the virus hasn’t touched are the Dutch flower fields.  They are still blooming although the entire tourist market is in failure and the cut flower industry is tossing millions into the garbage bins as the world market for flowers has bottomed out with the economic downturn.  Also heavy…

The Keukenhof West entrance – CLOSED

I took a ride on the bike.  Went towards Lisse (the home of the World Famous Bulb Gardens, where I worked for 5 years) and then into Hillegom and back to the house.  I got some nice pictures of what is currently blooming.

Field of Daffodils blooming- Hillegom

Nice display of cut tulips – Beinsdorp

Tulips that are for sale along the normal busy tourist route- dirt cheap! 

I also stopped at some of my favorite personal gardens along the way.  These local small bursts of color bring joy to my heart each time I stop.

My favorite front garden stop in Lisserbroek 

This year he added the artificial grass to keep the area neat and tidy

The slash of color from this display is nothing compared to the smell of heaven from these blooms.  

Then later I just walked around the neighborhood and there are always nice gardens to see.  This one I snapped some pictures of and the people (which I normally see no one on my afternoon walks) were standing inside and waved at me.  How friendly, how joyful!

A front garden with creeping phlox blooming in Getsewoud Zuid neighborhood – Nieuw-Vennep 


Same garden the sun washed out the colors of the blooms it is much better in person!

So when you are in the middle of the lemon grove, pick some lemons and make lemonade!

Stay healthy and happy when the chaos is heavy!


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