NO TIME!!! Only to build a Shed.

Hello my dear blog readers.  I and still here.  My Hubby is still here.  We are still healthy.  I owe you many blogs but I am not sure that it will get accomplished due to the mass quantity of work work that must be accomplished each day and there just isn’t enough hours to complete all the tasks.

The chickens came on Friday.  We love them! They have names.  Another blog…

In the process we had to build a new shed. The “we” is a collective term meaning the Hubby built the shed and I helped by staying out of the way and offering no comments.  Even the shed being a bit crooked didn’t receive comment from me.  I was trying to keep things as peaceful during this time of chaos as possible.

At one point in the construction it looked like we could soon have a horse or a cow lodging in our back garden but when he finished we realized it was just perfect for all the things we need to store.

Soon I found that it could have another useful purpose.

Yup… it doesn’t get any better than this! Environmental friendly and some private time away from the home office chaos of Hubby pushing airplanes around. Ahhhh… peaceful… until… he found me!

So there you have it! It has gotten that bad here where I have to revert to old school farm outhouse jokes to make us laugh.

Take care everyone. Stay healthy and hug the closest loved one and say “hello” to one stranger today. Kindness goes a long way in these situations.