Where are we now?

I have written hundreds of blogs in the last two weeks. Have you seen them? The answer is “no”! Sadly those blogs maybe lost in history and time due to fast pace of events unfolding each and every day.

But, we are still healthy, food is available in the stores.

Pet food – alternative food source if needed.

The Hubby has now finally relocated from his office at the airport to the office at the house which means I have less space to do my thing. As most of you are also enjoying all the quality time together with your significant others I am sure you all feel like “ why haven’t we done this before.”

The first bloom of the season

Let’s face it. The Hubby can now help me in all those tasks he only accomplishes when I am traveling alone in the US. He has to follow the strict towel folding rules. Accomplish the “Honey do list” that recently has gotten totally out of control with the new situation facing the world.

One of his many projects over the last week.

Our, yes…I said “our” office now looks like a operational war room with lists, dates, tasks to be accomplished, tasks already accomplished and more equipment than I ever use for writing. I guess this airplane business is serious stuff.

In other news we have been preparing for our chickens which arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear their clucking in the back garden. Thanks to my readers and family for providing name requests. They will be revealed next blog.

The start of something new. Hubby moves his monitor into the home office.

Also, my tulips are in full bloom. That along with the beautiful weather has made our “home” time like a vacation resort. Maybe the Hubby thinks differently as he has been doing the heavy work. Hummm… another blog, maybe.

So, don’t fear readers/followers we are still here and keep moving forward with each passing day.

Stay safe, healthy, and humble.