Words Enough Wednesday!

So if I was an emoji this week it would be the following.




Yeah, so there are way too many words to just post a wordless Wednesday. But, first the fabulous news… wait for it… I almost have my first tulip of the season!

My first tulips of the season

There are some things in this world that can make anyone (ok maybe not everyone) smile or laugh in these sort of crazy situations we are facing. Yesterday after talking with my gruff neighbor about my plan to have chickens I needed a relaxing walk. At the start of the walk there was a message on the sidewalk.

“Joke! Turn back.” with an arrow pointing.

So now I changed my normal walk to see where this would lead me. An adventure awaited and it looked a heck of a lot more fun than what I had just listened to in Dutch about my chicken plan.

Do any of you remember the Minnesota made movie Grumpy Old Men?

So down the path I started

All schools are closed here until 6 April. I am guessing a very bored and funny pre-teen was the creative soul who provided this afternoon diversion for me. I could almost hear them giggling as they watched from one of the windows.

 “How many people do you think will follow?”

“Look there is someone now.”

“They are following the arrows!” giggle, giggle

Maybe, even I was part of some experiment into human nature. What would I find?

“Turn left”  Ok, so I turned
Jump 5 times on the beam! Really?

The bike beam controls the foot/bikes on paths at busy entrances to housing areas.  A favorite thing (and I don’t know why) is for pre-teens here to jump on or over or stand on these. That was not going to happen to this 54 year old! I laughed and turned around and headed on my normal walk.

Later in the day I was sweeping the street here by our house and three women were walking pass. Suddenly one of them screamed and started laughing. I knew exactly what had happened. She was talking so intently with her friends that the arrow suddenly appeared in front of her out of thin air. Not expecting it she jumped, screamed and then laughed. I laughed too, who wouldn’t think it was funny.

As they walked they then stopped at the bench in front of our house and started laughing again.  

“Another message.” They yelled at me. We all laughed and later I went and got a picture of it.

Count the number of grey autos.  Hummmm...

Count the number of grey autos. Hummmm…

So find the humor in all this chaos. I have seen many more strange things the last few days, as of yet no zombies.

Still no kayaking. Hummmm, the universe must have other plans I have to accomplish like a garden.

Stay safe, healthy, and kind to even the grumpy old men.

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