Tired Tuesday…Hummm

We are exhausted! But, we are getting done what we need to get done here at The Cedar Journal. Although right now that has more to do with our normal daily lives and jobs than with canoe and kayaking.  Go figure.

This will be a short but promised post to those who have been asking how things are here in The Netherlands.

BTW- thanks for all of you who have asked and keep blogging news. In my few minutes of grabbing a coffee while making stuff happen here it is a real stress break for me. I say me as the Hubby is so busy grounding and relocating airplanes from several countries that he hasn’t had time hardly for sleep.

The real news. We are still healthy in our house. We have always had extra food stuffs because of our canoe and camping. We did lay in a few extras. Since I have plenty of experience with these types of situations with all my years working in the military we have things out for at least three months now.

The Dutch will keep working, although mostly from home. This very connected country will not fall due to the economic situation or a virus. They have always moved stuff around the world and they will continue to due that in this situation.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. I will keep this updated when I have time. Stay safe, healthy and productive as best as you can in this situation.


Local farmer still has eggs and potatoes

The neighborhood store we use to shop at (we have been having delivery service to the house for months but they seemed to have stopped for some reason)

The line at 0800 yesterday at the same store. A few people but not crazy. I have seen much worst in many different places in the world but not here.

Our back garden.  The pots in the background will be our veggie garden and next to that we will have 4 chickens by the end of next week for eggs.  


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