Starting again

Hello blog readers of The Cedar Journal.  There will be a bit of a delay in this weeks posting due to technical issues I am having with WordPress.

It all started when I saw last week I saw that someone overnight had changed the name of our site.  Hubby, always the optimist thinking it was only a glitch, I, who worked for the government for years, fearing the worst as someone hacking our site.

I am working with WordPress on this issue. As today I started to write my blog and the site suddenly lost all my material I had written this morning.  Frustration for sure, more like I wanted to throw my computer and the entire blog thing out the window.

I do have other things going on in my life besides rewriting blogs after losing them.

Duh, if only the WordPress people could understand that and figure out what is actually going on.

Then my life will go back to normal of not hating my computer, WordPress and the dark web of hacking.

I need to be in a better place, like learning stuff for my Dutch driving test… ok, also not on my favorite “Things I like to do” list, but I still have to do it!

I hopefully will have this worked out soon and will post a continuation of my Great Mississippi River Road trip.

Part of the fix is that I will not receive email notifications for a while from any of my followers. If it takes me time to respond to any of your comments or emails, I apologize for my delay in advance.

Have you had issues with your blog?  How did you resolve? Have the issues ever returned?  How responsive was WordPress staff?  Share your comments below.

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