The Scary of Fellow Bloggers

To keep all of my readers entertained as they wait for the zombie story from my desk. I figured I could introduce you to a few of the scary bloggers I follow.

First scary exists everywhere!  If you believe that anything is possible then it opens you right up to the chaos of the world.  To be able to see it and then capture it in words is a talent.  Here are a couple of bloggers (and remember scary is in the imagination of the writer and the reader) who have scary takes in some of their stories.

Scary!!! Nooooo......

Scary!!! Nooooo……

Due to copyrights, I have added some other scary photos from my  recent hummm files to enhance this blog.

Scary coffee served at my sons house! Should I worry?

Scary coffee served at my youngest sons house! Should I worry?

I will start with Wildlife Intrigued.  Most Monday mornings I can start my day here in The Netherlands with a nice cup of coffee and catching up with fellow bloggers.  Most Monday mornings, I am greeted to a digital bird story from Brian at Wildlife Intrigued.  He has been lagging this summer due to some personal scary stuff so I jabbed at him recently that he was missed durning my  Monday morning routine. So when I opened this past Sunday (he thought he was clever posting on a strange day. Haha – I can’t be fooled!) he instantly mentioned The Cedar Journal.  I was scared as to what would come next.  But, if you follow this blogger, you never can be sure what strange things will happen to the birders or the scary habits of the birds he writes about in his blog. Brian is  fan of all that is Halloween and this week he brought to his fans a scary songbird.  Please stop by his site to read more.  I would advise not eating prior to reading. Thanks for the shout out to The Cedar Journal, Brian!

A smoke alarm battery that explored while I was visiting my youngest son recently.  Scary!

A smoke alarm battery that explored while I was visiting my youngest son recently. Scary!

If the natural world is not scary for you maybe food or crafts are scary.  I have a site for you!  Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks is one of the scariest sites that appears in my inbox. She also doesn’t contain her scary to just Halloween or the month of October!  But, if you want a great evil salad this week you should head over to her site for the recipe. Maybe a trip to Costco scares the day lights out of you, then you will enjoy reading her scary recent experience at the box store.

This link is for my blogger friend at Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks is a link to one of my favorite spooky Halloween favorites, Witches Fingers,  from our kitchen.

Scary sign at my youngest sons apartment.  Can't say I wasn't warned!

Scary sign at my youngest sons apartment. Can’t say I wasn’t warned!

Maybe children and/or grandchildren or dogs scare the daylights out of you!  I have a blogger for that too!  I recently met this accomplished writer, blogger, grandmother, dog walker, and now experienced parent mover while I was in St Louis, MO.  Scary meeting someone who you only have read online, but as I have mentioned before, scary doesn’t keep me from doing things.

But, once I met Ann in person, I found she is as warm and as caring as the blogs she writes. I started following Ann Coleman at Muddling Through My Middle Age three years ago when I first started to blog.  It was a huge new scary world of blogging for me.  She made me feel like I could actually take my boring life and make it into something interesting. Myself a 50+ blogger I was starting out fresh in this new path. It was scary! But after reading Ann, and seeing the comments from her followers and her kind responses I knew that good people still existed on the internet. I realized that there was an audience for all people (even those of us who kayak and canoe) in this blogging format.

These scary eyes woke me up at my friends house while in Minnesota

These scary eyes woke me up at my friends Kate’s house while in Minnesota.

In June as I was dealing with some pretty difficult issues. Ann not realizing her real reach of her blog posted a blog written by her dog Finn.  It can be scary how that ripple of the written word can affect people a half a world away and then boomerang back to the place that it originated.  I sent the story to my daughter- in- law who had been preparing for her husbands (my oldest son) return from Kuwait.  They live very close to St Louis where Ann lives. Their dog (a former pound pup) had been a handful the entire deployment.  Ann’s story made my daughter-in-law smile but it also inspired her to prepare a written story from their Dog JD for my sons return.  He (JD) wrote about all his bad behavior when the “man of the house” was deployed. Pillows eaten, blankets destroyed and all because JD missed my son. I laughed and I cried as I read the letter my loving daughter-in-law had written and then sent to me before my son returned home.

I can’t thank Ann enough for her inspiration, encouragement through her blog, and all her kind comments she has provided to me here at The Cedar Journal.

JD and my son getting ready for a early morning hike in St Louis

JD and my son recently, getting ready for an early morning hike in St Louis.

That is not scary! Hopefully, each of you will go and find your scary or inspiration today or maybe it will find you!

Scary or inspired?  Do you have a blogger that encourages either in you? Share below.


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