The Hummm File of Scary 2019

I really don’t try to be strange or to have strange things happen around me.  I really don’t scare easy either. Although, the universe sometimes has other plans for me and thus the Hummm file continues.

If you have missed my other editions you can catch up here, here, here, and here there never seems to be a lack of things that make me and sometimes the Hubby starch our heads and hummm.

I will start with a text message from the Hubby. This took place very close to the end of my Great Mississippi River Road trip as I texted my Hubby (who was working hard in The Netherlands) the last strange thing I had seen, a bird driving a car. His return text was his list. The list of strange sights along my path on this trip was getting long.

List of Strange Hummm

List of Strange Hummm, the Hubby was keeping.

That was just what he could remember from the last few days of my trip. But, it all really started with a Pink Elephant…

Pink Elephant in Iowa

Pink Elephant in Iowa

I had crossed over! I was in Iowa heading towards St Louis, MO.  I had been driving for at least four hours at this point and anyone who has completed a long road trip can tell you, after so long of driving and sitting in a car you start to go a little crazy!  When I saw the Pink Elephant I quickly turned into a parking lot of what appeared to be a Casino. Then pulled slowly along side the street to get a picture, thus confirming what I saw.

Yup, a Pink Elephant!

I had selected all of my lodgings for each night before leaving The Netherlands.  I carefully looked for homes that were older and located along the Great River Road.  There was one that the Hubby questioned from the start.  Maybe you can see why?

Screen shot from google maps of the B&B I had selected

Screen shot from google maps of the B&B I had selected

I rechecked the website (I had already booked) and found this picture.

Restoration of the B&B from website

Restoration picture of the B&B from website

Restoration isn’t so bad, I thought.  But when I pulled up to this B&B I had serious second thoughts about if I had really made the right choice.

“Maybe, I should quickly go down the street and call and cancel!” I thought.

I did stay the night.  More to follow on my future Great River Road blog but this is what the Hubby thought was the house of horror.

Upon my return to Minnesota from St Louis, I had another very long day of driving.  Cornfield, after cornfield, after cornfield with a small town every once in an awhile. Then I made a turn on a small road between two… you guessed it, corn fields.  Suddenly out of the right hand window I caught a glimpse of this.

What? Mushrooms?

What? Mushrooms?

I slowed, did a U turn.  Slowly came along the side of the field.  Hit the emergency flashers and got out.

“No way! What the heck is this doing here? Who would “plant” these here? This is making the Hummm file for sure!”

Mushrooms in Iowa

Mushrooms in Iowa

What does the Hubby ask on this text message, you all wonder?

“Did you check to see if there were Gnomes sitting under them?”

“Are you kidding me?” I answered.  “I wasn’t going to get any closer to that vortex!”

Once I was safe back in Minnesota I really thought that the strange would stop.

Nope! Wrong again! Here are a couple of more. One was even in my home town of Barnum, Minnesota.

The Skeletons of Barnum

The Skeletons of Barnum, MN

Just to mess with my head, this above display changed everyday! I later found out it wasn’t personal, these people change the display each day before 5 am for 31 days of October. You can read about her in the local Moose Lake, MN newspaper online.

Not to be outdone by a yard display, I was on my way back from shopping in Cloquet and stopped in Carlton (again very close to a Casino…hummm…maybe a connection?) to get gas. This is where Doctor Who and the Tardis showed up.

Doctor Who? Tardis?  At least he knows how to park! Seems like Mr SHRTY60 has parking issues.

Doctor Who? Tardis? At least he knows how to park! Seems like Mr SHRTY60 has parking issues.

Then as I was escaping Northern Minnesota, I stopped in Hinckley at Tobie’s Bakery/Restaurant.  I did my last double take of the trip and the last one for the file.

Self driving vehicle has nothing on this bird!

Self driving vehicle has nothing on this bird!

I now hear my readers asking…

“What about the Zombies?  Your Hubby clearly mentions them in the text above.”

Well, dear readers you must wait for the Zombies. That story is an entire blog to be published on Halloween. It’s that scary!!!

Have you scary hummm pictures or stories to share?  Comment below.

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