Mistake of Experience

C2B53DC2-9B6F-4B43-8D71-5555C8D8A912Today we changed location for the last time before heading for home. This last stop brings us to the National Park Weeribben for the Dutch Open Canoe Festival.

Since we haven’t paddled the whole week because of the weather we headed into the protective canals of the National Park.  This place feels like home to us. We have spent thee years paddling these waters on vacations and just love the paddle friendly wilderness of this area.


We stopped made coffee along our route and talked to another couple here to enjoy the weekend.

Then the sky opened up halfway through our paddle. Not an issue we slowed and put our rain gear on.  I stuffed my polarized sunglasses into the dry bag and continued paddling in the rain.  Getting soaked is part of paddling and as the water started to puddle on the dry bag and then drip onto my pant legs (which were already soaked) I quickly picked up my dry bag and went and tossed the puddles water along with something black over the side of the boat!  At first thinking it was the key to my bike I was very upset. Then realizing it was my glasses was still upset but more about my beginner mistake.  I had not closed the dry bag when I placed my sunglasses in it.

It was a humbling experience.

The good thing is the rain stopped and we had a nice 7km paddle.

Now, on to enjoy our weekend and see some cool canoes and friends.

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