Wind, Weather and Small Dutch Villages

We were supposed to be canoeing everyday. We brought the bikes to ride in our the middle of each day. We packed summer, fall, and winter clothes. Plus the all important rain gear.

Ah, two weeks of bliss in the Northern Dutch provinces.

First it was the heat. Our first week was blistering hot. Now at our new location the weather has changed and we have wind force 5 coming across a large lake kicking up the waves. Not safe or fun to paddle in these conditions we have adjusted our plans and have been exploring the small towns in the area.

Dokkum, Balk, and Sloten. All are old harbor towns and all have buildings dating hundreds of years old. As we walk through these old towns and look at these old buildings standing the test of time it is hard to believe they are so old. Each one being recycled through the generations from cheese store to clothing or butter warehouse to cafe. You can almost feel the spirit of each person who established and worked an entire lifetime in the businesses that make these towns.

Warehouses line the canals and harbors, fishing and cargo boats come and go (now replaced with yachts and recreational boats) time passes slowly from day to day, then generation to generation.

We found we slowed down too. Took in the sites. Stepped into interesting backstreets, peeked into some windows. Then always we find a cafe to sit, enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee, relax and let time expand and contract with the life of these towns.

Not sure what the weather will do, the forecast isn’t the best. So we wait. If we aren’t able to do what we have planned we will continue to enjoy the time we have been granted to explore and relax.

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