For the Love of Wool

As I mentioned recently before vacation, I was busy for about three weeks knitting. There I was the vision of old lady with my knitting needles slowly turning a ball of yarn into a wearable.

I was inspired by the price of wool socks I buy for hiking. These high quality merino wool socks can be found in nearly every outdoor store for the same expensive price.

So I knitted. I would need socks for my vacation travel it could be cool in the North part of Netherlands at the end of August.

As I write this I wonder how I could have thought I would be wearing these hand made garments as it is 32C!

Not letting Mother Nature deter me with her summer like temperatures I continued with my plan. Wear my wool!

We traveled to the most Northern part of the Netherlands. Walked across a blistering hot sandy beach to the sea.

Without hesitation I placed my wool items on and pretended that the weather was 10C and not 32C.

That lasted only long enough to get some nice photos. Maybe Minnesota will be cooler. For the love of wool.