Welcome Return Home

After close to six weeks for me and about four weeks for the hubby of being away from our home we were happy to return early this week.  As I posted in my last blog, we have already been busy with setting up our new seasonal camping site at Camping Spijkerboor on De Kaag Lake just 16 km from where we live.

Greenland tulip

Greenland tulip

The best part of returning home for me was seeing that my tulips are still blooming!  I did miss a few of the early varieties but the Greenland, Ballerina, and St Tupaner were all at peak bloom.  This made my homecoming even more special with this splash of color in my back garden.


One of my favorites, a multi colored St Tupaner

The worst part of returning home?  Besides the weeds in the garden. Well… it seems that we always have at least one item that gives out on us while we are gone.  This time it was the coffee machine!  This could have resulted in a disastrous homecoming.  No worries, I just hauled out my camping coffee pot and made coffee on the stove.  The perking coffee smell filled the house and made it seem like we were back in the wilderness camping.  It brought memories of past days of paddling and making coffee in the great outdoors.  That was short lived, as the 20 minute wait for coffee each morning before the hubby had to be out the door to work was a bit to long.  A new coffee machine was ordered and arrived yesterday by mail. Camping coffee pot is back into the camping box waiting for our next outdoor adventure or mechanical household failure.

I also mentioned in my last blog that we had already made new friends at our seasonal camping.  My hubby looked at me oddly as he proofed the last blog thinking he had missed the opportunity of a new social interaction.  Then I reminded him that we did make new friends by inviting them to lunch.

Mama duck with her five babies - Our new camping friends.

Mama duck with her five babies – Our new camping friends 

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