First Kayak Paddle of 2019 Season- Big Marine Lake, Minnesota

Vacation finally, for the hubby, after two weeks working with his team of Dutch co-workers here in Minneapolis. It seems the weather was also going to cooperate with vacation as the snow finally melted, ice off of most of the lakes, and a cleaned out storage unit (one whole day of vacation blown on that).

My prospects of getting on the water for the first time this season this weekend looked great.

Besides catching a Minnesota trout, kayaking was the only other thing on my to “do list” this trip and so far the weather has been a huge hurdle.

The temperature hit 74F yesterday and the lake where we are staying had ice out a few days ago. Imagine the smile on my face at checkin when I knew I would be able to now get my kayak out of storage and onto the lake.

It wasn’t long before I had my kayak ready to head to the lake.

The short walk through the Veterans Rest Camp drew some odd glances from the none walking, golf cart riding seasonal residents. One veteran even stopping as he rolled by in his car asking if I was really planning on taking it out on the water.

Really ? I thought. No, just wanted to see how many stupid questions I would get rolling it around the campground.

Instead I answered that yes, I was taking it out and it wasn’t too cold. I did look at the hubby and rolled my eyes which the hubby instantly understood.

As we approached the beach, there were several workers busy placing the docks back into the water. A loon was close to shore just watching all the activity and not the least bit upset I was about to kayak into his territory.

I got my gear ready.

Then headed out onto Big Marine Lake for my first beautiful kayak paddle of the season. Thanks to the hubby who provided the camera shots for this blog.

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