A Sunny Landing in Minnesota

I have to say that I had my doubts about my travel plans this Spring to my home state of Minnesota.  With all the news reports of snow, cold, and recently flooding waters my hopes of kayaking or fly fishing seemed doomed.

Coming into Minnesota I could see the landscape still covered in places with still thick snow cover. In other areas, huge expanses with standing water.   The lakes (usually my primary kayaking locations) are still covered with ice. 

The sun was shining, ahhhh… it felt liberating as I exited the plane. To feel the warmth and intensity of the sun hitting my face melted away the memory of the recent Dutch gales and rain. Lifting my face towards the beams of light as natural as a native European on a sunny day. Now day dreaming of sitting on the nearest terrace with a glass of wine, welcoming the intense rays to burn warmth onto my pale skin.

That image was immediately shattered as other passengers hurried past me towards the passport control and the long lines to enter the United States.

I really love our Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport.  I have flowen through many other ports of entry.  I may be a bit bias towards MSP airport being a native Minnesotan, but I have experienced it is much faster and kinder than other US major airports.

I was through passport control and baggage pick up in less than half and hour! 

Moose Lake, Minnesota covered in ice but edges starting to melt

The weather hit almost 60F (15C) and I could see the water running high in the ditches and streams as I drove North.

The lakes are still frozen but show signs of hope as the edges sport open water.  Brave (maybe not so smart) ice fisherman could be seen trying their luck one last time for the season.

I pulled into my Northern destination with plenty of time to still enjoy the strength of the bright sun. Although, I had to be satisfied with only a cup of coffee and not the glass of wine.

Kayaking or fly fishing on this trip may still be in question but enjoying a sunny day is not.  Carpe Diem!

Soaking up the sun on a deck in Northern Minnesota

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