Schiphol Airport

I started my yearly Spring migration to Minnesota at the end of last week and the start of that journey was Schiphol.

Each time I fly through this airport I learn something new.

Things are in constant change and even as a frequent traveler I still have to keep on my toes as to the changes at this Amsterdam international airport.

I made it through the entire check in (with luggage) and security process in less than half an hour. Leaving me with three hours to wait at my gate prior to departure.

The one thing that Schiphol has that I always find relaxing is the Rijks Museum at the airport. This free to visit collection of art by Dutch Masters is a must see. It was a perfect way to spend some of my waiting time.

Enjoying world class art while traveling makes me happy.

I would suggest this small but beautiful stop if you have extra time to wait at Schiphol.

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