Strange Things That make Us Go “Hummmm”

We are pretty normal people, my hubby and I.  My hubby likes to think we are boring, let me re-phrase that, he is boring, he knows I am not boring.  Sometimes things just happen around me and I just go ok… maybe I am not seeing, hearing, or feeling this…maybe it is the crazies kicking in…maybe…

So here is how I rule out that what I am experiencing is not me losing my mind.

  1. Take a picture – everyone will believe me if I have a picture to show them. Right?
  2. Confirmation – Ask someone else if they are experiencing this same thing. This only works if I am not menopausal, then I am just hormonal, and that is a “sort of crazy”. If the person who I ask is not seeing, hearing, or feeling the same experience I pretend like I just dropped something, get light headed and then laugh.  Ok, now they think I am crazy, it’s fine, it’s all ok.
  3. The Blink Adjustment–  I use this to make sure that my eyes are closing out the thing I am seeing, hearing or feeling, I take a deep breath and open eyes slowly.      If that thing is still there I have several options: run like crazy, scream, faint (I am very good at this and it should be my first coarse of action), or pretend it isn’t there.  These options are not fail safe and so sometimes I just make crap up to explain what is going on.  My favorites fall backs to blame for what I am experiencing are aliens (the little green men kind), the black ops guys (they can do anything, believe me I know), or a group I call the magic things (elves, little people, witches, ghosts, etc).

This past year I experienced several of these sort of unexplained events.

I have pictures of some of these events and so now they only fit into the things that make you go “hummm” pile and not the thick crazy pile folder on the desk.  Enjoy.

Local Dutch Thrift Store find - last week

Local Dutch Thrift Store find – last week, December 2018.

Yes, you are correct I saw not one, but two Minnesota state license plates in the local Dutch thrift store (kringloop winkle).  The strangest thing, they look brand new from the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and the tabs are from November 1979!

The price is a crazy price for used plates. No one in Minnesota would pay 12 Euro for used plates!  I know they most likely didn’t cost that in 1979.  Plus, if it was an actual person from Minnesota who owned these and used them, those plates after one winter in Minnesota would have road rash (rust) or rock pits in the metal from dirt roads.  I took a picture as I really thought this one needed to be confirmed that I was not suffering from alien time travel.

No, I did not purchase these high priced plates, just like the Dutch to get something for free and jack up the price. (Sorry hubby, you know it is true!) LOL

Tree with arms

Tree with arms

This tree picture was taken this fall while I was home in Minnesota along Interstate I35 South bound between Willow River and Askov.  Yes, it looks like a normal birch tree with long branches.

But, this is not just any birch tree,  I saw a similar tree with tree arms this past June as I was heading off the I35 into the ditch with my Honda CRV and camper.

What I remember seeing as clear in my mind as if it was my own child, was this birch tree looking just like the trees in Lord of the Rings at the Battle of Mordor.

This sort of tree would be called an “Ent”.

As I was heading for the fenceline and the 10 foot drop into the field behind, this tree flung it’s arms out and made a strange noise as if to stop me from hitting it.  It is one of the only things I remember about that day in mid June. The day of my accident.

I did not hit this tree in the accident.  I came to rest right behind and next to the Ent in the tall green grass.  I was surrounded by other trees in a sort of ring of trees, until the local EMT’s and fire crews came and pulled me safely out of my wreckage.

When I saw the tree for the first time after the accident, I knew it was the same one I saw in my mind prior to blacking out or after I blacked out.

Maybe all those years of hugging trees paid off?

Thank you tree.  You still make me go “hummmm”

Magical Fairy Tale?

Magical Fairy Tale?

This one might have not even gotten a mention only that hubby and I had just left the results of my CT scan.  This CT scan was scheduled as I was having issues with my memory after the accident in Minnesota.  Him and I were joking as we were walking towards the bus stop with each other that I wasn’t crazy as the results came out with no brain damage.  Just at that moment, we both saw a Cinderella carriage coming past us on the street.

I started to laugh as I looked at him and said, “You do see that?”

“Yes, where did that come from?” he answered

“How the heck, what?…”

I was almost to shocked to get the phone out of my purse as the carriage continued through the busy streets of Haarlem. Finally I snapped this picture.  Confirmation, hubby, on this one.

It wasn’t a normal wedding sort of day so this one seemed totally out of place and maybe time.  Makes us still go “hummmm”

Have a folder of these sort of things but this is the last one for this post.

Hummm...wonder what business they are in...

Hummm…wonder what business they are in…

We (hubby and I) saw this while driving this summer, confirmed!  The universe that day knew we needed a good laugh.  Just glad he didn’t stop quick or we might have been part of their group.


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