Back in Europe

Hello The Cedar Journal readers,

I am back on European soil and recovering from two weeks of travel and now jet lag.  I want to highlight some of the upcoming articles that will be coming your way.

  • Recent trip to FreeRanger Canoe builder in Belgium.
  • A hike on the Grand Portage Trail in Jay Cooke State Park in Carlton, MN.
  • The ACA (American Canoe Conference) in Charleston, South Carolina
  • A visit to Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina.
  • Sea Kayaking Risk Management session in the Charleston harbor.
  • Navigation class for paddlers.

There is at least enough material for me to post until mid January every Monday plus I have some special Dutch/American holiday posts I will add to the blog for those who are interested.  Ok, I have at least one birder who also would like a few of those European bird pictures and I have one of those blogs in the draft format too. LOL

A special thank you to all of my followers and those who have supported me over this first year of blogging.  I have enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and being able to share in this format.

A special shout out to my Japanese exchange sister who has told me not to stop blogging and sent me a really cool box of goodies in the United States recently.

I couldn’t do all of this without the love and support of my canoe partner, and captain of our vessel – Hubby.  He has continued to support all my crazy adventurous ideas and even has proved to me that being 50+ we can all still have new experiences (tandem bike… for example).  Plus, he is my proofreader and this blog would not be the same without his eyes looking over it each week. Thanks partner!!!

Until Monday…


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