Family Canoeing in Veenendaal, Netherlands

This week we are featuring a guest blogger to our site.  We will call them the Houten Renegades so that they can maintain their private identities.  This Dutch family recently went on vacation and was so excited to show us about their canoe trip via WhatsApp that we asked if they would send me a small article in English about the trip.  

We love to see families enjoying the outdoors in a canoe together. The Dutch canals are perfect place to experience a family vacation.  We are happy to feature their insights and the following pictures. Plus, they looked like they had a wonderful time on the water!

Scroll down and I have added some additional information to the location where they paddled.  

Thank you Houten Renegades for your pictures and insights into this canoe location.

Canoeing in Veenendaal

We were on holiday in Rhenen. While on our holiday we went for a canoeing trip in a nearby town of Veenendaal. We canoed on the the ‘Vallei kanaal’.

Dutch family on a canoe paddle

Dutch family on a canoe paddle

The weather was nice not to cold or to warm. Luckily no rain. 

Valley Canal in Veenendaal

Valley Canal in Veenendaal

At first it was difficult to find the right pace. So we went ‘zigzagged’ through the canal.

But over time it got better. We were away for around 3,5 hours. 

The calm waters of the Valley Canal Veenendaal

The calm waters of the Valley Canal Veenendaal


More Information on Veenendaal Canoe Rentals

  • Canoes can be rented year round.
  • Children must have a swim diploma and be accompanied by an adult.
  • There is no set route.
  • They have a pick up and drop off service


Where is Veenendaal?

Located just East of Utrecht just off the A12.


What are the other sites to visit in the area?

The National Parks Utrechtse Heuvelrug and De Hoge Veluwe

Wageningen University – known internationally for agricultural research.

Neder Rijn River


Do you have a great place where you have spent a family vacation canoeing?  Maybe a canoe or kayak place you have enjoyed and want us to visit?  We would love to hear about it.  Comment below or use our contact page.

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