Sheep Reflections : Oud- Alblas, NL

On one of my early morning kayak paddles on the Alblas River I passed a sheep pasture that caught my eye.

The sheep fence is held together with baler twine.  This sheep fence could be one of the many sheep fences from my childhood as my father used baler twine to hold together fences, gates, mend holes in the fence, and to tie the legs of unruly sheep to hobble them to keep them from jumping or crawling under fences.

“This Dutch sheep farmer could be related to my Dad” I thought as I saw this fence on a prior paddle but had failed to take a picture as I passed by heading towards the local windmill.  On this perfect early morning, the light was just right, the wind was still, and the posing reflective sheep make for an interesting photo opportunity.

What is that floating on the water?

“What is that floating on the water?” said the sheep to the paddler on the water

Hey - Look at that... a sheep.

“Hey, Look at that… a sheep.” thought the sheep.

"Nice looking gal, that sheep."

“Nice looking gal.” The sheep continued to ponder

I'll pretend I don't see her.

“I’ll pretend I don’t see her, maybe she will go away.” the sheep continued…

Well, look at that?

“Well, look at that, she is following me.” the sheep thought as the boat moved on to continue the morning paddle.


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