Netherlands Drought

Can it be true?  The country of cloudy skies and rain nearly everyday is going through a drought?  YES!

The entire country of The Netherlands has not had mentionable rain in almost 6 weeks.  We have brown, yes, BROWN grass everywhere.

Brown the new green

Brown Is The New Green Here in The Netherlands

Here is the scoop:

-Farmers are now worried that they will have to buy extra food for their animals for the winter as the hay crops are burning up in the fields and offer little nutritional value.

-They are irrigating potato fields

-The government has issued warnings over water use.  It is suggested to not take baths, wash cars, and to spray water on plants in the gardens.

-There is now a risk of grass fire (something we are use to in the dry months of Minnesota – but here?  I have never in 11 years heard of a grass fire until this last week when the train in Hoofddorp caught the dry grass on fire).

onions in the hot Dutch sun

Onions In The Hot Dutch Sun

What will be the results if this continues?

  • higher food prices
  • higher energy prices
  • possible drainage and flood issues when it finally does rain again.
Cabbage and onions at Historische Tuin

Cabbage and Onions at Historische Tuin

I visited the Historische Tuin today after a long time of dealing with my own personal issues to find the drought has caused damage there as well.

-The dahila bulbs did not grow well this year and are stunted in height.

– The very tops of trees already have brown leaves due to the distance that the water has to travel from the roots.  The trees are considering energy to the oldest parts of tree.

-The bees seem to gather in places around the limited flowering plants.  Last year I almost never saw a bee (even though there are several  hives inside the garden)

Bees collecting pollen

Bee in the heat of the day collecting pollen off a bean plant flower.

I guess I am a bit worried.  My back garden here at the house is looking rough.  I have allowed the weeds to grow in order to provide ground cover to help maintain some of the soil moisture.  But, really the soil is mud that is now hard as a rock in the continued sun.

Global warming is not a hoax!

How are things in your part of the world?

What are you doing to help battle the changes you see around you?