Sore Butts and Herons

These guys are funny and love to canoe together on the Grand River in Michigan. I would suggest watching the short video they put together. Joe & Tom are great to follow and make me laugh whenever I read their blog!!

Tom Writes . . .

Holy 2018!

June 22 and 23 – Jones Road to Webber Dam. Eagle, Michigan, to the boondocks between Portland and Lyons.

We paddled two days in a row. First time we have been on the river since December 1, last year. Wow! Physically demanding, like the first two days of Spring Training. Our shoulders ached, but that was not the worst. The worst had to do with our rear ends, sitting in those hard canoe seats for the first time in six and a half months. Yikes!

We made it, though, and today, you will be glad to hear, both our exquisite butts are much recovered.

We put the Billie V. into the river at the exact spot where we pulled her out last year. No red berries now, as we saw before, just bushes, green now. The river was high; the current was swift…

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