New Season at Historic Garden, Aalsmeer, NL

This is my second season volunteering at the Historic Gardens (in Dutch: Historische Tuin)  in Aalsmeer, Netherlands.

You can read about my last season Unique Experience in Volunteering.


Dahlia from last season -Historische Tuin, Aalsmeer

I started two weeks ago and I am always amazed from week to week how much the garden changes. The garden manager, Dick Maarsen, is in constant motion, with the more than 100 volunteers, working to keep the garden looking amazing throughout the year.

What can you see this time of the year at the Historic Garden?

There are roses blooming inside the greenhouse.

Lilacs and Rhododendrons in full bloom, and Spring annuals, like pansies and forget-me-nots.  Thousands of bees busy going from plant to plant.


Historische Tuin greenhouse roses




This week everyone was busy planting, remodeling one of the older greenhouses, weeding (my normal task), and deadheading roses.

moving lilac bushes

One of the workers moving Lilac bushes

The garden is also preparing for the upcoming Aalsmeer Flower Festival that will be held on the weekend of 16-17 June, 2018.  A huge event with wonderful flower displays that I would encourage anyone in the area to attend.  Advance tickets can be purchased at the Historische Tuin from now until the event and are only €7,50 and includes entrance and a boat ride through the Westeinder and the Ringvaart.

Aalsmeer Flower Fest 2018

Aalsmeer Flower Fest 2018

More about Aalsmeer Flower Fest 2018

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Enjoy the Spring and stop by the Historische Tuin if you are visiting Aalsmeer.  You might even run into an American volunteering there, hiding in the garden, smiling as she is pulling weeds.

Bee hives at the gardens

Bee hives at the garden



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