Dutch Eagle Drama

With all the snow and cold here in Minnesota I am glued to the continued drama taking place in the Netherlands.  Better than watching the reality TV drama of my American President which really makes me want to crawl into a cave and return after his term is over.

For several weeks the eagle cam has been busy watching this unlikely drama unfold. The eagle pair have had the nest for several years.  This year it seems that a hawk pair likes the location and wanted it as a nest.  Better to move into a nice space without all the work, who wouldn’t want that?

Problem is that the eagle pair had plans on using the nest and thus anyone can view the the battle between the two pairs as it unfolded.

The hawk laid two eggs and started sitting on them.  The eagle came back and tried to take back the nest.

Now we will wait to see the hawk young hatch.

I think nature is the best teacher for how to handle any situation.

I am now back to looking at the snow outside and dreaming of those ice free waterways I am now missing in a warm Dutch landscape.  Happy kayaking!