Dry Dock Garden

This week we made a new addition to our fleet.  After my first day of paddling this year, the hubby mentioned that maybe he would like to learn to kayak.  After all these years, I was surprised but I knew how much he enjoyed learning to canoe last year.

I casually looked at used kayaks and found one online that was two feet longer than mine.  It is also a Wilderness brand kayak.  It was reasonably priced and showed it to the hubby.  A couple of days later we were in Rotterdam picking up a new (used) kayak with a ton of other stuff.

Kayak in Rotterdam

The new kayak in Rotterdam

We got a bag full of kayaking books, water maps, paddle, two PFD’s, a tarp, and a tent footprint!  Plus, more stuff is promised as soon as a storage shed can be accessed. We both felt like we hit the lottery with all this quality stuff most of it was hardly used or new.

Now the back garden looks a bit like a dry dock harbor with three boats sitting waiting to be used on the water.  It will be mid May before they get out on the water here.

safe in the garden

Our Garden Dry Dock

More kayak/canoe adventures will be on the way…