More Sunny Vacation- Fuerteventura

Now rain can be a bit of a bummer when you waited all winter for a sunny vacation and to visit a tropical island, but we continued our vacation without singing the blues.

The weather was not improving but the wind had switched direction so we hoped that the rain would remain a bit inland of the island and we scheduled to go to the beach.  Much too cool to swim but perfect for a hike, we decided to check out the sandy beach area between Costa Calma and Morro Jable.  A small isolated area called Playas de Sotavento.  We hiked the beach to the next area of beach Risco del Paso.

Looking towards the cliffs of Risco del Paso

Looking towards the cliffs of Risco del Paso

This wonderful sandy beach was void of people until around 11 am when it started to get a bit busier but still plenty of room to enjoy the isolated coast.  A total of five km hike to the cliffs and back.  The great thing about this beach is that we saw the most wildlife of our visit located along this beach.  A pair of ravens that were nesting on the cliffs, chipmunks that were playing on the cliffs, some sort of flicker bird that was striped on the backside, and the whole bunch of shorebirds eating happily in the surf.


The hint of rain inland as I captured a rainbow.


Plays de Sotavento

The coastal green vegetation from a week of rain at Plays de Sotavento

The tidal pools at the base of the cliffs were also a wonderful location to photograph as the stark ocean wave colors hit the dark volcanic rocks at the base of the cliffs. I was surprised only to find very small shellfish in this pools.

tidal pools

Tidal pools

lava flow at the cliffs

Lava meets sea at the cliffs of Risco del Paso

The hike back to the car from the cliffs was against the wind and Mother Nature decided that we had had enough sun for one morning and pelted us with another full force rainstorm.  Nothing can make you feel more alive than walking with rain, wind, salt, and sand hitting you in the face.  Once again we were very thankful to have the right clothing with us on this trip.  Our quick dry pants, rain jacket, and layers helped keep us mostly dry and warm.

The last day of our vacation Mother Nature figured she would toss us some sun.  That came at a price.  We would have to endure wind force six.  We planned a trip up the coast from Giniginamar to Las Playitas.  We also wanted to visit the coastal lighthouse at de la Entallada.

First stop was the lighthouse.  The road to the lighthouse is posted with a huge sign what warns of a narrow road, it was very narrow and much more precarious that we thought it would be.  One car width wide, no guard rail!  Luckily for us we had a small VW bug and only encountered one car on our way up. The ride was well worth the view at the top.

Punta de la Entallada

Lighthouse at de la Entallada

view from the lighthouse

View of the ocean from the lighthouse

wind force six

Did I mention the wind force six? Maybe this will help.

We carefully made our way back down the narrow road and into the wonderful small town of Las Playitas.  It has a large resort on one side that seemed to have everything you could want in a resort, golf course, spa, pool, very nice playground for the kids and a wonderful beach with a boardwalk that leads into the town center.  We headed into town along the boardwalk with the ocean waves crashing next to us.

Las Playitas

Las Playitas boardwalk.

The hubby researched a restaurant located in town that had great reviews and we walked the narrow streets of adobe houses and found the restaurant easily.

Restaurante Casa Victor was not only easy to find but lived up to the wonderful service and exceptional meals we had found on the reviews.

Papillote Pescado

Papillote Pescado at Casa Victor

We enjoyed our vacation even though it was not what we had totally planned.  We had some great views of the island, we relaxed, and we headed home to freeze warnings and talk of ice skating.  So it was a perfect vacation to a wet, sunny, windy, tropical island.

Looking into Giniginmar

Looking back into Giniginamar cove from the cliff.

our rental

Our tropical island rental car… Guess how many times we had the top down?

My last ray of Sun

Ironic that this was my send off at the airport.


writing my blog

Writing my blog as I am flying home…