Last Minute Prep for BWCA

August 2017:

The time for our trip was closing in fast.  We only had a few more opportunities to paddle in the Netherlands before we got on our flights to Minnesota.

I was a bit nervous about the trip.  I knew the risks of going into the BWCA, just last summer there was a blow down that had killed two people who were camping inside the BWCA and this spring the Forest Service had to rescue two more people who had gotten lost, these were experienced paddlers.  So I went through my last minute check lists and purchased several items online and had them shipped to Minnesota to await our arrival.

  • Carbineers
  • Iodine wipes
  • SUV tent (for camping prior to going into the BWCA)
  • a box of insect repellant (Burt’s Bees, for my sensitive skin and natural for the BWCA)

My husband was busy too.  He ordered a tarp here in the Netherlands that was made out of sail material so that it would dry quickly and provide some cover while we were out in the BWCA.  It could if needed, become a quick shelter. His months of thinking about the trip and watching YouTube videos was paying off.