Part of the Family

Some people have pets after the nest is empty.  I guess we have a wood boat.  Not any wood boat a handcrafted cedar strip canoe.  A special canoe as someone was initially inspired to build this piece of art by hand.  Then they spent months or it could have been years working in a dimly lit area or a huge storage shed with primitive or fancy tools making this into a floating legacy.  A piece of eye candy on the water.

We don’t know her real history. We purchased it from a couple who had purchased from someone else.  It had enjoyed already many adventures on the water from the couple we purchased it from.

We know she was loved.

When the couple sold it to us they spoke fondly of the many adventures they had with this canoe.  They spent many days gliding in the cedar canoe along the waterways here in the Netherlands.  They met people along the way that were inspired by her or inspired them to take her on even more adventures.  The stories touched my heart as I listened and quickly took mental notes of the locations they had visited. My husband did the same.

We were given instructions on how this canoe liked to “run” in the water.  “You may have to place more weight in her on windy days as she rides high and is hard to control if she is light in the water.”  the Dutch lady explained to me.

We loaded her on our car and drove towards our house thinking we had just won the lottery!

She became part of our family and we named her Cedar.